A List of Ten With A Lie

Every now and then something sweeps across social media which I find interesting.

Recently on Facebook, people started listing ten bands which they had seen live in concert. The twist was that one of the bands was a “lie” and they hadn’t seen them. You had to guess which one was the unseen band and it was an interesting way to waste a few minutes.

I thought this translated well to coins and I’d like to do a Numismatic List with a Twist. Here are 10 very rare United States gold coins. I have handled all but one (and many of them I’ve handled multiples of). Which is the coin I haven’t handled?

Give it some thought and reply below! Better yet, send me your List of 10 and let me guess your lie.

  1.  1849-C Open Wreath Gold Dollar
  2.  1804 13 Stars Quarter Eagle
  3.  1854-S Quarter Eagle
  4.  1875 Three Dollars
  5.  1797 16 Stars Small Eagle Reverse Half Eagle
  6.  1810 Large Date Small 5 Half Eagle
  7.  1864-S Half Eagle
  8.  1875 Eagle
  9.  1861 Paquet Double Eagle
  10.  1884 Double Eagle