What Our Customers Say

The quality of the coins you offer has been generally excellent. I think you go out of your way to match current market pricing and have never gouged me on a coin. If everyone gets the level of service that you give me, there isn’t a dealer in the business that can touch you.
— JD
Your blogs and articles are one of the most valuable areas of your site to me. I can always learn more and I trust your writings. Keep them coming!
— TM
I love your website and the fact that you sell quality coins that have not been dipped or messed with.
— DS
I like the great ease of using your site. No ads for affiliated companies. Your inventory is presented clearly and with fair pricing (in my opinion). I think you are the only dealer/numismatist who ‘tells it like it is
— PM
For many collectors such as myself, your web site serves as an important reference and educational source. There is significant knowledge to be gained by the average collector, over and above the many publications you’ve authored, simply by studying the coins that your web site displays
— BT
Great to deal with Doug. Always honest with you and coins he sells directly are competitively priced.
— JB
So much to like: The blog, the photos, the fast service, the consistent quality of the coins.
— JK
Having been a DWN customer now for nearly a year and a half I can say that I have been very pleased with the services and coins you have provided for my collection. Also, know that your articles and blogs are read and appreciated. I can say that I have gone through and read every single one of them. Keep up the good work. You & Jenna are the Gold Standard.
— JB
You are my favorite dealer, and my primary source of rare gold. Your quality is excellent, your prices are reasonable, if not occasionally inexplicably low, and every aspect of your service is fantastic. I would not change anything about DWN.
— MG
I personally find your website to be one of if not the best in class…regular updates, educational content, no gimmicks, hard sells, “used car salesman” techniques, excellent production values and digital photography.
— JJ
I’ve only recently started looking at your website, since reading the article about you a few months ago in The Numismatist. The quality of your offerings are first rate, and I’ve come to understand your collecting philosophy with respect to rarity and quality. The layout of your website works well, and I appreciate the blogs and historical descriptions, pop numbers and overall opinion that you give with each coin.
— AG
The consistency of the material that you offer and the detail and time spent in describing it allows for both buyer education as well as customer expectations that align with the coin when received in hand. Your descriptions and pictures are fair and balanced and generally provide the customer with an assessment of the coin which is matched in hand. I have been actively collection rare date gold for probably three years. Your blogs and articles have been key pieces of information for me to study as I formulate a collecting strategy.
— BB
The blogs and articles are great. In addition to educating your customers, they do allow us to understand your personal and professional values. This is why yours is the opinion I most respect in numismatics
— JR