Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions you may have--please reach out via our contact page with your questions. 

Who buys your inventory?

DWN is a three-person operation – me (Doug), and my assistant and photographer, Jenna. You will also find my wife, Irma Kane, working at coin shows alongside me. I personally choose every coin in our inventory based on its originality, appearance, rarity, its “cool” factor, and my customers’ needs and wants. We are occasionally joined by the office dog, Earl, an excellent manager of time.

Where do you buy your coins?

This is a great question! Thanks to years of networking I have a reliable group of sources within the industry. Sometimes items will come directly from other dealers, sometimes they’re from collectors, and sometimes still they’re from auction. I buy a substantial amount at coin shows in “behind the scenes” sorts of deals – meaning the other dealer has not shown the coins to customers before I get a chance to buy them. I look to buy fresh, interesting coins that haven’t been sitting around in Dealer X’s case for months (and have been shown at multiple conventions).

Why is your inventory so small?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a small operation, and I am the only coin-buyer. I am picky. The opportunities to buy fresh, original coins aren’t as frequent as I’d like. And by having a small inventory, I know at all times exactly what I have on-hand, what I paid for it, where it came from, and even a client or two who might be interested. I cannot imagine having to slog through hundreds of coins daily on my own website, or schlepping hundreds of items to and from conventions. I always know what’s in my inventory and I like it that way. I discussed this question more in depth in a blog of mine you might find interesting: Hey DWN, Why’s Your Inventory So Small…?

What does “on hold” mean?

When a coin in our inventory is marked “on hold” it means one of two things: DWN is either waiting on a payment for the item, or it is out on approval. When a coin is out on approval it may become available again. If you are interested in an item on hold, it is best to call me directly and see if there’s a chance you may still acquire it.

How often am I going to hear from you?

I’m not a salesman tied to my desk with quotas to meet. I buy nice coins and let my website work for me. Unless I know you’re looking for something specifically and I happen to think a new acquisition is for you, I’m not going to “cold call” you with offers. I send out emails whenever we have a nice group of “newps,” or when I have a very interesting piece, but I’m never going inundate you with phone calls and frantic sales pitches.

Why so many blog posts and articles?

I believe an educated collector is a happy collector! I make an effort to run a very “transparent” business. When you buy from me, I want you to know why you’re buying the coin, and why it’s the right piece for you. I have an excellent reputation for my honesty and candor – and I write educational pieces to help you navigate this sometimes confusing business.

What is your return policy?

The DWN return policy is stated on our invoices. The rules are simple: returns must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice; return privilege is 15 days unless otherwise noted/discussed; any item removed from the original holder may not be returned. Simply stated – if you want to return a coin, give me a call and let me know it’s on its way back to me and let me know why it wasn’t for you.

Do you buy coins back?

Occasionally a collector wants to sell his DWN purchases back to me – sometimes it’s to put towards a spendy item, sometimes their area of collecting changes. Whatever the reasons, if you’ve purchased coins from me in the past, contact me with the items you wish to sell back to me so I can make you a fair offer.

What methods of payment do you accept?

DWN accepts check or money order. DWN does not take credit cards or PayPal; there are fees associated with those transactions and I do not want to pass the cost along to my customers in the long run.

How do you ship your items?

DWN ships using USPS Express Mail. Any invoices for $2500 or less require a shipping and handling fee of $25. All packages covered by my own insurance policy and arrive requiring a signature.

When do you ship your items?

If you’re a new client, I will wait for your check to clear my bank, then I will ship the item(s) via Express Mail. DWN does not ship packages on Fridays or Saturdays, or the day before a postal holiday.

What do you sell besides gold coins?

Sometimes I get offered a cool, fresh piece that isn’t gold. And how could I possibly turn down an original, early silver piece? Or a really neat pattern with a great story? The truth is, I can’t. You can sometimes find silver bust coinage on my site, seated material, and other fresh, early pieces. I keep it filed under “miscellaneous denominations” and you never know what sort of non-gold goodie I am going to bring home from a convention!

What coin shows do you attend?

DWN has a presence at the ANA summer and spring shows, the winter FUN show, PCGS Vegas shows, Long Beach, Whitman Expos in Baltimore, and Central States. I usually leave a convention by Friday afternoon so that I can post my new inventory by Sunday afternoon. If you are planning on attending a convention and hope to see me, it is best to call me first and make sure I’m going to be there.

Do you offer representation at auction?

Yes! I offer decades of experience and a personal eye on a coin you might not get to see for yourself. You certainly can try to approach a big auction on your own, but if you are going to be competing against seasoned professionals and basing your bids solely on the images provided by the auction house…well, you’re at a major disadvantage. I charge just 5% and in my opinion, it’s money well spent, and if you don’t purchase the lots you are bidding on there is no charge. Feel free to call me to discuss auction representation!

What other special services do you provide?

As a dealer who truly specializes in gold occasionally a serious collector will approach me with their set. With my reputation, web presence, knowledge, and years of marketing experience I know how to maximize the value of the collection. Sometimes it may make sense to take your items to auction, and I can broker a better deal for you than you could for yourself. I can create an entire, specialized offering of your collection, a featured section of my website dedicated just to your collection, with research and excellent photography, publicity and fanfare galore. I can help you fill a difficult hole in your collection, I can travel to pick up a collection, I can appraise your coins. This is by no means a complete list, but it should give you an idea of the sorts of things I can do for you. I am always available on my cell to discuss your needs!