What RareGoldCoins.com Buys

Douglas Winter is an aggressive buyer of rare coins. Doug is especially interested in purchasing the following:

United States Gold Coins, 1795 – 1933

Doug is always interested in purchasing collections or accumulations of United States gold coins. Doug Winter and RareGoldCoins.com are market makers in the following areas – and will pay extremely strong prices for interesting coins:

  • All pre-1834 gold issues in any grade
  • All scarce and rare date Liberty Head issues, 1840-1907 with a particular emphasis on the issues from Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans
  • Pioneer and Territorial gold coins from Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and California
  • Rare and/or high grade Liberty Head and Saint Gaudens double eagles
  • Any coin with beautiful original color and surfaces

United States Silver & Copper Coins, 1793 – 1933

While Doug is best known for buying and selling United States gold coins, he is also very interested in purchasing the following:

  • All pre-1838 silver and copper coins – will pay strong premiums for rare die varieties
  • Proof silver coins struck between 1820 and 1860
  • All choice Liberty Seated silver coinage, 1838-1891, especially issues from the Carson City and New Orleans mints.
  • Doug will travel anywhere to view significant collections
  • Doug is proud of his fair offerings and will work with you to get you the most money for your rare coins
  • Doug can purchase any size collection or deal and can overnight you a bank check or wire you funds
  • Doug has excellent numismatic and banking references available