DWN Sells Finest Known 1849-C Closed Wreath Gold Dollar

I’ve handled more finest known Charlotte gold coins than anyone, but even in 2014 new items enter the market and find my inventory which cause me to gasp aloud. One such coin was the finest known 1849-C Closed Wreath gold dollar, graded MS64+ by NGC and later approved by CAC, which I purchased via private treaty at the recent Baltimore show.

1849-C Closed Wreath $1.00 NGC MS64+ CAC

1849-C Closed Wreath $1.00 NGC MS64+ CAC

The 1849-C Closed Wreath is a popular first year of issue with an original mintage of just 11,634 coins. There are a few hundred known, mostly in the EF40 to AU53 range, and I’d estimate that around a dozen Uncirculated pieces exist, mostly in the MS60 to MS62 range. I am aware of three MS63 to MS64 1849-C Closed Wreath dollars, and the finest which I had seen prior to this newly discovered example was an NGC MS64, which sold for $34,500 as Heritage 10/10: 1360.

The dealer I purchased this coin from told me that it turned up in a small coin store in the deep south and eventually found its way to him; probably after it had been graded. To the best of my knowledge, it is totally “fresh” and has never before appeared for sale, whether at auction or privately.

I have handled literally every known high-grade 1849-C Closed Wreath gold dollar, and this piece was far and away the best. It has lovely deep green-gold color and a full original “skin” unlike that on any other example known. It is well-struck, free of planchet roughness (as seen on many higher grade pieces), and it well could have graded MS65 were it not for a small line in the central right field on the obverse.

After I bought this coin, I contacted a good client of mine who has assembled what is surely the finest set of gold dollars ever acquired, and described it to him. When he heard the enthusiasm of my description, he bought it sight-unseen. I then sent it to CAC for approval and he received it a few days later. He loves the coin and it stands as one of the single best Charlotte gold dollars in his entire collection.

What this coin proves to me is that there are still tons of great coins out there lurking “in the reeds.” 2014 has been an especially fruitful year for me so far as coins like this go; I have handled numerous finest known pieces which were new discoveries and which I quietly placed in significant collections.

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