1865 $20.00 NGC EF40 CAC Gold Sticker

Housed in an NGC third generation holder (used in the late 1980's) and awarded a gold sticker by CAC. By today's standards, I believe that this coin grades AU50 or a bit better. There is some "freckled" coppery color in the lower obverse fields while there is a large amount of copper seen at the central reverse. Most gold coins with this degree of spotting have had these removed but old-time collectors appreciate the character that this gives to a coin. An interesting example of this popular Civil War issue.

This is the only 1865 double eagle in this grade that has been approved by CAC; thirty-five finer pieces have been approved as well.

1856-S $20.00 PCGS AU50 CAC Gold Sticker, OGH

Old Green Holder. CAC Gold Sticker. By today's standards, this piece grades at least AU55 if not AU58. A choice, original example and clearly not a seawater coin as it was encapsulated prior to the discovery of the S.S. Central America hoard. Satiny with light rose and orange-gold coloration gives this coin good eye appeal and the surfaces are very clean for the issue.

CAC has approved two in AU50 with seventeen finer. There population report does not designate how many have received gold stickers but I would assume the number is very small.