1889 $20.00 PCGS AU55 CAC OGH

Old Green Label Holder. I grade this coin MS60 by today's standards. Bright and very frosty with splashes of rich natural orange-gold color on both sides. The 1889 is a scarce and undervalued date. It gets little premium until MS62 but it is many, many times scarcer than a common Type Three issue, even in the lower Uncirculated grades. Good value.

This is the only 1889 double eagle to receive CAC approval in this grade; only thirteen higher have been approved as well.

1885-S $20.00 PCGS AU58 CAC OGH

Old Green Label holder. By today's standards, I grade this coin MS60 to MS61. Original and uncleaned with just a few scattered marks seen in the fields. Not a really common date but there is no premium for this issue until you get into the MS63 to MS64 range.

This is the only CAC example of this date in AU58; twenty-eight have been approved in grades higher than AU58.

1872-S $20.00 PCGS EF45 CAC Gold Sticker OGH

Old Green Label Holder, CAC Gold Sticker. By today's standards, this coin grades AU53 to AU55. Lustrous with splashes of light yellow-gold color. It is pretty amazing that this coin was ever graded EF45 as it shows little in the way of wear! A pleasing example of this somewhat available Type Two san Francisco issue.

1870-S $20.00 PCGS EF45 OGH

Old Green Label Holder. By today's standards this coin grades AU50 to AU53 but there are a few noticeable mint-made grease stains on the right obverse. Light yellow-gold color covers very lustrous surfaces. This is a tougher date than many collectors realize although it sells for virtually no premium over a common Type Two issue in this grade.

1867 $20.00 PCGS AU50 CAC, OGH

Old Green Holder. By today's standards I grade this coin a solid AU55 with a shot to grade AU58. It has a nice medium to deep orange-gold and green "Euro" appearance but it is not overly dark. This date is usually seen with pronounced abrasions in the fields and this coin is cleaner than usual. A very nice Type Two double eagle.

CAC has approved one example in AU50 with eighteen finer than this.

1873 $20.00 PCGS AU55 CAC Gold Sticker, OGH

Old Green Label holder; CAC Gold Sticker. By today's standards, this coin grades MS60 to MS61. Frosty with mellow old gold color contrasted by some deeper hues on the obverse. Lightly abraded in the fields but totally original and very pleasing.

CAC has approved seven in this grade with 252(!) finer. It is not known how many have gold stickers.