1843-D Large D $2.50 NGC MS61+

Large D Mintmark. Variety 4-H. In October 1843, a total of 3,537 1843-D quarter eagles were produced using a Large Mintmark reverse that was also used again in 1844 and 1846. This variety is significant as it is clearly visible with the naked eye and it is recognized by PCGS. There are exactly two pieces known in Uncirculated: the current example (see below for a full pedigree) and the Bass II: 349 coin (once graded MS61 by PCGS and seemingly later upgraded to MS62 at NGC) that brought $10,350 back in October 1999 as an AU58. The present example is the finest known, in my opinion, with superb deep natural yellow-gold color on both sides. The strike is nearly totally full and the surfaces are very clean; a small spot betwen the final two stars on the obverse is mentioned for accuracy. As a date, the 1843-D is the most common quarter eagle from this mint but it is actually very rare in Uncirculated with fewer than ten properly graded pieces known. This would be one of the better examples of this date even if it weren't the rare Large D mintmark. An important coin for the advanced dahlonega specialist.

From the Duke's Creek collection and last sold by Heritage as Lot 1499 in their April 2006 where it brought $12,075 as an NGC MS61.

1843-D $2.50 PCGS AU50

Small D mintmark variety. With decent EF examples of this date now bringing in the $2000-2250+ range, how can you not like a solid-for-the-grade PCGS AU50 for just a few hundred bucks more? This example is dirty and original with deep natural green-gold color that is accentuated by a swath of darker color in the right obverse field. As is typical for the date, the strike is bold and this would make a great (and affordable) D mint quarter eagle type coin.

1843-D $2.50 NGC AU58 CAC

Of the three primary denominations from this mint, the quarter eagle is probably the most difficult to find in crusty, original AU58. In the dollar denomination you have the 1849-D which is pretty readily available and there are a number of dates in the half eagle denomiantion that come in nice AU58 (or AU55) with some degree of regularity. This is not the case with the quarter eagles and even the 1843-D, which is the most available date, is infrequently seen in AU58, especially with good color and surfaces. This dark, original piece has superb rich green-gold color that is overlaid with splashes of orange. There is a good deal of dirt in the protetced areas and the strike is bold with almost fully formed centers. The surfaces are immaculate and I can virtually guarantee you that this piece has never been cleaned, scrubbed or dipped. A great looking coin and the best available Dahlonega quarter eagle that you are likely to find for under $4,000.

From the RYK "Dirty Gold" Collection.

1843-D $2.50 NGC MS61

Small D mintmark variety. This lovely example has great eye appeal for a Dahlonega quarter eagle. It is semi-prooflike and shows very pleasing deep green-gold and reddish colors, in different configurations, on the obverse and reverse. The strike is very sharp with just a touch of weakness on the curl above the ear while the surfaces show a few scattered ticks in keeping with the assigned grade. This coin is nearly identical in appearance to Heritage 10/11: 4651, graded MS62 by PCGS, that brought $12,650. In fact, it is so similar that I did a double take when I bought it, thinking it might actually be the aforementioned example. As a date, the 1843-D is the most common quarter eagle from this mint. It is scarcer in Uncirculated than most people realize and nearly all of the fifteen to twenty known in Uncirculated grade in the MS60 to MS61 range. I have never seen an 1843-D that I grade MS63 and only three or four MS62's. An affordable yet special coin that would be perfect for a type collector seeking a single, special quarter eagle from Dahlonega.

1843-D $5.00 PCGS AU53 CAC

Medium D mintmark variety. Very well struck as is typically the case of this date and variety with full radial lines within the stars and sharp, individually defined hair and feather details. The color is an attractive medium to deep green gold which is "correct" for original examples of this date. This coin would probably grade AU55 or even AU58 if it were not for the presence of a reeding mark on Liberty's throat and small, thin nick on the cheek. A great piece for the type collector or a good piece for the new Dahlonega specialist who wants to get his feet wet with a nice quality but affordable half eagle.

1843-D $2.50 NGC AU53 CAC

Small Mintmark variety. This totally fresh-to-the-market 1843-D quarter eagle has superb original color with deep coppery-gold and rich reddish-green hues, in different configurations, on the obverse and reverse. The surfaces are very clean with no detracting marks and there is a good amount of dirt in the protected areas. The 1843-D is the most common quarter eagle from this mint but it is not often offered with original color and surfaces. Considering the fact that really nasty slabbed examples of this date rountinely trade in the $2000-2500 range, this piece seems like a wonderful value at just a small premium.

1843-D $5.00 NGC AU58 CAC

It has become tremendously hard to find Gem Slider Dahlonega half eagles of any date; even the more common ones like the 1843-D. My theory is that many of the former AU58 coins were ruined in an attempt to garner a higher grade and most of the surviving examples have been cherished members of advanced collections for years. Its been many months since I've had an AU58 that was as nice as this example. It is very well made with an excellent quality strike on a choice, problem-free planchet. It has never been cleaned or dipped and it shows lovely light reddish-gold and orange hues, in slightly different configurations, on the obverse and reverse. If I had to choose the perfect date for a type coin within the Dahlonega half eagle series I'd probably select the 1843-D given the quality workmanship that characterizes this issue. That said, there are very few AU58's known for the date that compare to this and special coins like this are rarely offered to Dahlonega collectors any more.

1843-D $2.50 NGC AU53 CAC

Given the fact that this is the most common quarter eagle from this mint and it is among the best produced, the 1843-D is a perfect type coin for the collector who is becoming interested in Dahlonega gold. This deep green-gold example is original and choice with a good deal of dirt in the recesses of the obverse and reverse. It is sharply detailed and has good overall eye appeal for the date and grade. I'm often asked if it is still possible to purchase nifty branch mint gold for $2,000-3,000 and I offer a coin like this as proof that such pieces still exist.