1843-D $2.50 NGC AU58 CAC

Of the three primary denominations from this mint, the quarter eagle is probably the most difficult to find in crusty, original AU58. In the dollar denomination you have the 1849-D which is pretty readily available and there are a number of dates in the half eagle denomiantion that come in nice AU58 (or AU55) with some degree of regularity. This is not the case with the quarter eagles and even the 1843-D, which is the most available date, is infrequently seen in AU58, especially with good color and surfaces. This dark, original piece has superb rich green-gold color that is overlaid with splashes of orange. There is a good deal of dirt in the protetced areas and the strike is bold with almost fully formed centers. The surfaces are immaculate and I can virtually guarantee you that this piece has never been cleaned, scrubbed or dipped. A great looking coin and the best available Dahlonega quarter eagle that you are likely to find for under $4,000.

From the RYK "Dirty Gold" Collection.