1867 $5.00 NGC EF45

After years and years of neglect, coins like this are finally starting to get their due. And for good reason. Let's take a quick peek at the 1867 half eagle. This Reconstruction Era issue has an original mintage figure of just 6,870. The combined PCGS/NGC population for the date is 88 coins which, of course, includes many resubmissions. The likely number known is fewer than 100 and it may be as low as 75. Yet despite this coin's obvious rarity, Trends is a paltry $1,750. Collectors are more into value and rarity than ever before and series like Liberty Head half eagles have numerous issues like the 1867. People may not buy this coin to start a date run but they know value when they see it. Not to mention the fact that this particular coin is really pleasing for the grade with natural light rose and green-gold color and some luster remaining on both sides. A few marks can be seen in the left obverse fields but overall this is a solid coin for the grade and an impressive value for less than $2,500.