1842-D Small Date $5.00 NGC EF40

Small Date variety. This is the more available of the two varieties of half eagle made at the Dahlonega mint in 1842; the 1842-D Large Date is rare in all grades. This piece has wonderful color with a crescent of electric blue and purple at the left; the reverse shows similar but less intense hues at the right border and outlining the eagle. This color is unquestionably real and it is likely the result of this piece having either been stored in a leather pouch or an old Wayte Raymond-style coin album. The surfaces are fairly abraded as is often seen on 1842-D Small Date half eagles but if you like colorfully toned southern branch mint gold coins I'm willing to bet that you'll overlook these abrasions due to the dramatic color. I'm asking around a 10-15% premium for the color and, for the right collector, this is a going to seem like a real bargain!