1847-C $5.00 NGC MS60 CAC

This is the second lovely Uncirculated example of this conditionally rare issue that I have handled this year; earlier, I sold an NGC MS61 with a similar appearance as part of the Logan's Landing Collection. When you hear the grade "MS60" you typically think of a coin that is riddled with marks or which is characterized by some sort of flaw. This MS60 1847-C half eagle is fully original with attractive deep green-gold color that changes to subtle coppery-red hues in the fields when the coin is tilted towards a light source. The strike is razor sharp and the surfaces are extremely clean with just a few small, unobtrusive marks on the cheek and in the left obverse field; the reverse is clean, choice and would grade at least MS62 on its own. This is one of fewer than a dozen known examples in Uncirculated and it is certainly one of just a tiny handful that are totally original.