1847-C $2.50 PCGS EF40 CAC

The 1847-C is to Charlotte quarter eagles as the 1881-S is to Morgan dollars: an issue that is plentiful and well made. But unlike the San Francisco cartwheel, the 1847-C is not easy to find with great eye appeal. And this choice, totally original example is one of the more pleasing affordable Charlotte quarter eagles of any date that you are likely to find. It shows deep green-gold hues on both sides and there is a ton of dirt in the protected areas as you would expect on a coin of this era with original surfaces. Other than a few minor ticks on the obverse, there is essentially nothing "wrong" with this coin and I strongly recommend it to the beginning collector of Charlotte gold or branch mint gold in general.

1847-C $2.50 NGC AU58 CAC

For some reason Charlotte coins with really exceptional color are not seen as often as their Dahlonega counterparts. This 1847-C quarter eagle, while certainly not a rare coin by the standards of this mint, has exceptional color which gives it true character. The obverse and reverse are a deep green-gold with splashes of orange in the fields. As is the case with most examples of this date, the strike is excellent and this piece shows a considerable amount of frosty luster under the aformentioned coloration. This is one of the nicest toned Charlotte quarter eagles of any date that I have seen and it would make a great addition to a set that featured branch mint gold with color.

CAC has approved two in this grade and two finer.

1847-C $5.00 PCGS EF40

This coin is so crusty that if it were raw, I would handle it only with rubber gloves...it's that dirty! There is dirt, in fact, all over the obverse and reverse recesses and this nicely contrasts with the deep, natural green-gold color. You can spend around two thousand dollars on a processed EF40 with no character or you can pay a few hundred dollars more and own a piece that is unmolested and as nasty as all get out...your choice.

1847-C $5.00 NGC AU58 CAC

This is a simply stunning Charlotte half eagle with deep, even green-gold color on the obverse and reverse offering strong proof that this piece is totally original. As is typical for the issue, this piece is well struck with great detail and this makes the 1847-C half eagle a great date to select as a type coin for this denomination and mint. The surfaces are nearly free of marks and there is a considerable amount of luster visible below the deep coloration. As a date, the 1847-C is one of the more common Charlotte half eagles but it is very scarce in properly graded AU55 to AU58 and very rare in full Uncirculated. This is the nicest AU58 example of this date that I have handled in a number of years. This is the sort of Charlotte gold coin that is almost never offered for sale in this age of bright, scrubbed branch mint gold and it will be appreciated by the sophisticated specialist.

1847-C $2.50 NGC AU55

The 1847-C is by far the most available quarter eagle from this mint but it is not an easy coin to find with natural color and surfaces. This example has lovely deep natural green-gold color on both the obverse and reverse and it is extremely well struck with full details at the centers and borders. There is dirt encrusted in the recesses and the appearance of this coin strongly suggests that it has never been cleaned or dipped. With really low end EF examples of this date selling in the $1,750-2,000 range, it seems to me that paying less than $3,000 for a really choice AU is absurdly good value. A perfect piece for the type collector who wants a single nice quarter eagle from the Charlotte mint.

1847-C $2.50 NGC AU55+ CAC

The 1847-C is, by far, the most available quarter eagle from this mint. It is also the best produced. These two factors combine to make this issue the perfect choice for a collector who is seeking a single affordable type example of a Charlotte quarter eagle. This particular piece is extremely high end with lovely deep rich green gold color. It appears to have never been cleaned or dipped and it is kept from an AU58 grade, I presume, only by the presence of some light, well-hidden scuffs in the left obverse field. I can't recall having handled many nicer Charlotte quarter eagle in this price range and this is the sort of coin that gets more and more appealing with repeated viewings.

1847-C $5.00 NGC MS60 CAC

This is the second lovely Uncirculated example of this conditionally rare issue that I have handled this year; earlier, I sold an NGC MS61 with a similar appearance as part of the Logan's Landing Collection. When you hear the grade "MS60" you typically think of a coin that is riddled with marks or which is characterized by some sort of flaw. This MS60 1847-C half eagle is fully original with attractive deep green-gold color that changes to subtle coppery-red hues in the fields when the coin is tilted towards a light source. The strike is razor sharp and the surfaces are extremely clean with just a few small, unobtrusive marks on the cheek and in the left obverse field; the reverse is clean, choice and would grade at least MS62 on its own. This is one of fewer than a dozen known examples in Uncirculated and it is certainly one of just a tiny handful that are totally original.