1880-CC $5.00 PCGS AU55 CAC

A very high end coin for the grade with as much "meat" and overall eye appeal as many Carson City half eagles that I have seen in AU58 holders. The Carson City mint produced just five half eagles in the 1880's. The 1880-CC is the second most available but it is very hard to find in properly graded AU55. This example has nice medium green-gold color and it is as well struck as any 1880-CC that I have seen. A hint of orange-gold toning can be seen when the surfaces are tilted towards a light source. A few shallow marks in the left obverse field do not detract. A great looking coin that should appeal to both type collectors and date collectors.

1880-CC $5.00 PCGS AU58 CAC

Thus ultra-lustrous super-slider probably was never in circulation but it shows just a hint of friction on the high spots of the obverse; the reverse grades at least MS61 by itself. The light orange-gold obverse is clean and boldly detailed with just a few small marks in the fields; the reverse is exceptionally free of marks. The 1880-CC is a much scarcer date than the 1882-CC and it is very rare in Uncirculated with fewer than a dozen properly graded pieces known. If available, a PCGS MS61 with a CAC sticker would cost around double the price of this AU58. In my opinion, this coin is a great value and it would fit well into just about any high end collection of CC half eagles.

1884-CC $5.00 PCGS AU50

There are just five half eagles from this decade made at the Carson City mint. The 1880-CC and 1882-CC are common while the 1883-CC and 1884-CC are moderately scarce and the 1881-CC is very scarce to rare. The 1884-CC is a real rarity in Uncirculated and for most collectors a nice AU is about as choice as they can wish for. Many 1884-CC half eagles graded AU50 to AU55 are bright and unoriginal and this is one of the few "ultra-dirty" examples that I have seen. It was recently found in Europe and graded by PCGS at their Paris office. The surfaces show deep green-gold color that is accentuated by underlying rose and orange-gold hues. There have been no auction records for this date in PCGS AU50 since September 2008 and only five total since 2000. A special coin for the sophisticated Carson City collector.