A Bechtler $1.00, 27 Grains, 21 Carat, PCGS AU58

August Bechtler Dollar, 27 Grains 21 Carat Variety. Every now and then I buy a coin that is so cool that I strongly contemplate putting it away in the Doug Winter personal collection. I strongly considered doing just that with this astonishing Bechtler Dollar. This is quite possibly the most beautifully toned gold coin of any type or era that I have seen. It shows dazzling dramatic multi-colored hues with reds, orange, purple and aquas on the obverse and, in a slightly different configuration, on the reverse. Beneath the color, the surfaces appear to be slightly reflective and this helps to amplify the intensity of the aforementioned shades. If I didn't know for certain that this coin was fresh to the market and from an old time collection, I'd wonder if this color was real but I can state with certainty that it is. I also believe that the coin is significantly undergraded as it appears to be free of wear and better than other Bechtler Dollars offered for sale in MS61 and even MS62 holders. For the Southern gold collector, owning a few Bechtler coin is essential and you'll never find an example of this obtainable type with better eye appeal than the present example.