1890 $20.00 PCGS MS62

Along with the 1889, the 1890 is a sleeper date in the Type Three series that is scarce in properly graded MS62 and rare in MS63 and above. This lustrous example shows the usual amount of abrasions for the grade but it has natural orange-gold and rose shadings that give it very good overall eye appeal. In MS63, Trends jumps to $13,500 and a solid PCGS MS63 example will cost you around $9,000 to $11,000 depending on quality.

1890 $20.00 NGC MS62 CAC

The 1890 is one of my favorite "secret" dates in the Type Three series. It is only moderately scarce in MS60 and MS61 grades but it is a tough coin in MS62 and a very scarce to rare issue in MS63 and above. Its also expensive in MS63 with an example costing $8,000-10,000 depending on what it looks like. Which is why I think this high end MS62 is a great value at less than half the price of an MS63. It is totally original with a great "skin" and lovely rich orange-gold color. A few marks on the obverse narrowly keep this coin from an MS63 grade but it is truly high end for an MS62.

CAC has approved eight in this grade and only two finer.

1890 $10.00 NGC PR64 UCAM CAC

A total of 63 Proofs were struck; my best estimate is that around 25 to 30 are known today with most in the PR63 to PR65 range. This piece has the eye appeal and general appearance of a Gem with just a few light hairlines keeping it out of the PR65 mark and a $45,000-50,000 price tag. It is extremely challenging to find accurately graded PR64 gold coins from this era and the majority of nice 64's tend to find their way, sooner or later, into PR65 holders. After I purchased this coin, I gave it some thought and came up with this conclusion: for a touch under $30,000, it would be very hard to imagine a better value in the arena of Proof gold. You can find smaller denomination Proof gold coins that are rarer than this (I have sold some amazing Proof gold dollars and quarter eagles in the last sixty days) but larger denomination Proof gold is very expensive and extremely hard to locate right now. A gorgeous coin and an item that I think makes a lot of sense to salt away as a medium to long term investment.

Ex Heritage 2012 FUN: 4989 where it sold for $29,900.