1882-CC $20.00 NGC MS60

This coin has a really outstanding "look" with naturally bright and very frosty surfaces that are splashed with golden-orange color which deepens towards the borders. The obverse has some marks in the fields while the reverse is choice and grades at least an MS61 to MS62 on its own. As a date, the 1882-CC is considerably scarcer in high grades than generally known. When seen in Uncirculated, it typically grades MS60 to MS61 and is riddled with marks; I haven't seen one better than MS62 in years. Only one MS60 has appeared at auction in the last three years (a PCGS coin) and this is the first I have handled in some time.

1882-CC $5.00 NGC AU55

The 1882-C is the most available Carson City half eagle made prior to 1890 and this makes it a great type coin for the collector seeking an affordable but interesting date. This example is choice and original with plenty of luster seen below nice natural russet-gold color. As is the case with original examples of this date, this piece has a slightly grainy texture which I find very appealing. Some dirt can be seen on the reverse and this attests to this coin's originality.

1882-CC $20.00 PCGS AU55 CAC

The 1882-CC is a much tougher date than the 1883-CC, 1884-CC and 1889-CC though it is not nearly as scarce as the low mintage 1885-CC. It becomes hard to find in nice AU55 to AU58 and it is a rare coin in Uncirculated with a five-figure price tag. This mostly lustrous example has the eye appeal of many 1882-CC double eagles that I have seen in AU58 holders. It shows nice medium green-gold color and it has very choice surfaces with just a few small marks visible under magnification. My guess is that this coin saw no actual circulation but it incurred some light wear and rubbing when it was shipped loose in a bag. This would be a perfect type coin for the collector seeking a single nice quality Carson City double eagle.

CAC has approved six examples in this grade with eight finer.

1882-CC $20.00 NGC AU58 CAC

This is exactly the sort of AU58 Carson City double eagle that, as a collector, I would like to have in my collection. There is no real evidence of circulation; just some slight friction on the high spots that is probably the result of having been shipping in a bag. Both sides show deep, rich natural orange-gold color that is extremely attractive. The underlying surfaces are very clean with no marks of note and a good deal of luster present as well. The 1882-CC is the second scarcest CC double eagle from the 1880's trailing only the 1885-CC. It is a rare and high-priced coin in MInt State, meaning that a Gem Slider such as this is an excellent value and in strong demand amongst a large segment of collectors.