1875-CC $20.00 PCGS MS60

Generally speaking a CC double eagle graded MS60 is going to have surfaces that are a total mess. This example happens to be surprisingly clean for the grade and has better eye appeal than others I have seen in MS61 holders. The surfaces are very frosty and show nice orange-gold color that is a bit more intense on the reverse than on the obverse. The 1875-CC is by far the most available Type Two double eagle from this mint and, as such, it makes an ideal type coin for the collector who seeks a solitary higher quality piece.

1875-CC $20.00 NGC AU58 CAC

This lustrous "slider" has just the slightest amount of friction on the high spots of the obverse that removes it from a Mint State grade; the reverse is MS61 to MS62 on its own. If you don't have the budget to afford an Uncirculated example but you want a great-looking piece for type purposes, than this might be the exact right coin for you.

CAC has approved 16 examplew in this grade with another 23 in higher grades.

1875-CC $20.00 NGC AU58 CAC

You don't often see Carson City double eagles that are nearly free of marks and this coin is just that: a piece that probably never saw circulation and somehow avoided the throw-it-in-a-bag fate that met so many of these coins when they were shipped. Both sides have thick, frosty luster with nice rose and green-gold color. A few small grease stains on the obverse are mint-made and do not detract.

1875-CC $20.00 NGC AU55

It is likely that this piece was sourced from Europe as it has the crusty "Euro" type of look that is seen on coins that have been stored overseas. The surfaces are lustrous and toned to a mellow orange-gold with some rose hues outlining the devices. There are no serious marks and this coin, which shows only the slightest wear, is choice and appealing. This would be a perfect Type Two Carson City double eagle for the collector seeking a single attractive example from this mint.

1875-CC $20.00 PCGS EF45

I can remember a few years ago running a promotion on Extremely Fine CC double eagles and selling nice coins for around $1,750. Today, I have to pay around $2,500 (or more) for the same coins and they are no longer available in any sort of quantity. This lustrous example looks more like an AU50 to AU53 than an EF45 and it represents just about the nicest available quality for less than $3,000.

1875-CC $20.00 NGC AU58 CAC

This choice slider is totally free of wear but it is a bit too "ticky" on the obverse to grade MS61. But it has the look and eye appeal of many CC double eagles graded higher. The surfaces are frosty with rich natural rose and orange-gold color. The depth and richness of these hues show clearly that this is a totally original coin which has never been dipped or brightened. The 1875-CC is the most available Type Two double eagle from this mint which makes it ideal for type purposes. A very nice example which is head and shoulders nicer than most seen in AU58 holders.

1875-CC $20.00 PCGS MS61

When I purchased this coin a few months ago (in an MS61 holder), I thought it would be a "score" and would be in an MS62 holder in no time. After five submissions (all of which saw the same result), I've given up and am going to sell this coin as is. It is awfully, awfully nice for an MS61 Type Two double eagle from this mint due to its superb rich golden-orange and rose color as well as its blasty luster. The obverse shows some light scuffs in the fields and there is a small area of granularity (as made) around star seven; the reverse is extremely choice and grades close to MS63 on its own accord. There aren't many surviving 1875-CC double eagles that have never been dipped or processed and this is one of the few original pieces. A great piece for a type collection or a date set.

1875-CC $20.00 NGC AU55

This is an uncommonly clean example of this popular Type One issue with a near-total absence of marks on the medium natural orange-gold and greenish surfaces. The detail is certainly suggestive of an AU58 grade but there isn't quite enough "pizzazz" to grade it as such. The 1875-CC is by far the most available Type One double eagle from Carson City, which makes this a perfect coin for the type collector.