1859-S $20.00 NGC AU53 CAC

A clean, original example and one of the few 1859-S double eagles that I have seen that has not been recently dipped or processed. The color on this piece is deep but it doesn't appear to be from a European source as it lacks the ultra-dirty look that such coins display. As a date, the 1859-S is hard to find in grades above AU53 to AU55 and it is very rare (and expensive) in Uncirculated.

CAC has approved two in this grade and fourteen finer and a total of nineteen. Over 1000 examples have been graded in total.

1859-S $1.00 NGC AU58 CAC

Only 15,000 were struck and this date is scarce and undervalued in AU55 and above. This lustrous "slider" has considerable luster below appealing even yellow-gold color. There is just a bit of friction seen on the cheek of Liberty and in the obverse fields. In my opinion, you'd be hard-pressed to find a coin that was a better value than this in the $2,000-2,500 range. CAC has approved five 1859-S gold dollars in AU58 and none finer.

1859-S $20.00 NGC AU50 CAC

Choice and high end for the grade with deep natural orange-gold and reddish hues that are contrasted by darker hues on the rims. A small reeding mark on the hair keeps this coin from grading AU53 to AU55. The 1859-S double eagle is a reasonably obtainable issue in this grade but it is hard to find with natural color and without deep, detracting abrasions.

1859-S $1.00 NGC AU55 CAC

Gold dollars were made at the San Francisco mint from 1854 through 1860 and again 1870. None of these issues is common and all are scarce and very undervalued in AU55 and above. This deeply toned, original example is well detailed with nice color and a good deal of underlying luster. The surfaces lack any severe marks and the strike is bold. The seven coin set of gold dollars from this mint can be completed without great expense and it is a fun, interesting set for the gold collector.

1859-S $2.50 NGC AU58

Only 15,200 examples were struck and this is one of my favorite "sleeper" dates in the entire San Francisco quarter eagle series. The 1859-S is very scarce in the higher AU grades and it is very rare in Uncirculated. The beauty of this date in AU58 is that it is affordable and there is a large price jump once the Mint State grades are reached. This piece is bright and quite lustrous with a good strike and just a few small marks in the fields. At less than $3,000 this is a really good value for the collector of undervalued United States gold coins.

1859-S $20.00 NGC AU53 CAC

This is certainly not a scarce date until you get into the Mint State grades but locating choice, unmolested About Uncirculated examples is much harder than you might think. In my experience, most 1859-S double eagles have been dipped and show extensive abrasions as well. This choice example has attractive deep original color and a considerable amount of luster for the grade. To find a finer 1859-D double eagle in this date and price range will prove next to impossible.

1859-S $20.00 NGC AU55 CAC

A choice and very fresh example with an obvious "Euro" appearance. The obverse is a deep orange-gold with contrasting darker highlights; the reverse is much lighter with pleasing pale rose and yellow-gold hues. Both sides are quite lustrous and show fewer abrasions than usual for this date. The 1859-S is common below AU55 but it is scarce in properly graded AU55 to AU58 and very rare in full Mint State. It is an especially ahrd coin to locate with good eye appeal as most are poorly struck and extremely baggy. This piece is among the nicer circulated 1859-S double eagles that I have seen or handled in the last few months.