1857-D $5.00 NGC MS61

The 1857-D is among the rarer late date Dahlonega half eagles in higher grades and I regard it as one of the most overlooked dates from this mint. It is usually seen well worn and in Uncirculated there are probably fewer than ten known with nearly all in the MS60 to MS61 range. This choice, fresh example is better struck than usual for the issue with good central detail framed by the typical beveled edges. The surfaces are a bit grainy in texture as is seen on most 1857-D half eagles but they have a nice orange-gold hue and they show a good amount of cartwheel. The last MS61 1857-D half eagle to sell was Goldberg 2/06: 1158 (slabbed by NGC) that sold for $11,500. In the Heritage 1/12 auction, a PCGS MS62 (ex Bass II) sold for a strong $21,850. An important coin for the advanced Dahlonega collector.

1857-D $1.00 NGC AU53

This is one of only 3,533 examples struck and the 1857-D has long been, in my opinion, the most undervalued Type Three gold dollar from Dahlonega. This issue is extremely hard to find with nice color and choice surfaces; two characteristics that this coin has in spades. The obverse and reverse both show nice reddish-gold and green hues; the exact "right" shades for this date. There are just a few circulated 1857-D dollars known that haven't been cleaned and/or processed and examples with nice color are extremely hard to locate. This piece shows a typical strike with the usual weakness at the borders. The surfaces are free of any significant mint-made problems; what looks like a scratch at the upper obverse is mint-made and is seen on most higher grade examples. All in all, this is a very nice example of a scarce issue.