1852-D $2.50 PCGS VF35 CAC

Old Green Label Holder. By today's standards I grade this coin at least EF40 and possibly as high as EF45. Beginning with this issue, the mintages for Dahlonega quarter eagles drop considerably from the numbers recorded in the 1840's. Only 4,078 were made in 1852 and the 1852-D, while not as rare as the trio of issues from 1854 through 1856, is very scarce in its own right. This piece is well struck at the central obverse but a bit weak at the central reverse. It is toned in a light to medium green-gold hue and there is a good deal of dirt in the lettering on the reverse. This is quite possibly the most affordable very nice example of this issue that I have ever seen (check auction records for VF35, EF40 and EF45 examples and you'll see what I mean...) and it is a great opportunity for the Dahlonega collector on a limited budget.

CAC has approved just four 1852-D quarter eagles in all grades: this one in VF35 and three finer.

From the RYK Collection.

1852-D $2.50 PCGS AU50 CAC

This low mintage issue (4,078 struck) is one of the harder Dahlonega quarter eagles to find with unmolested surfaces and deep original color. The present example, which is completely fresh-to-the-market is one of the very few 1852-D quarter eagles that I have seen that has absolutely never been cleaned or dipped. It is well struck and well made with lovely deep green-gold color and plenty of dirt in the recesses. I think this coin is clearly superior to most of the examples of this date that I have seen in AU55 holders and I doubt if there are more than a half dozen known (of this date) that show this degree of originality. Dahlonega quarter eagles of this quality are almost never offered for sale and this 1852-D is destined for a very high quality date set. This is the only 1852-D in AU50 approved by CAC with just one example (an NGC MS62) better.