1850-D $2.50 PCGS EF40 CAC

A beautiful, wholly original example of this scarcer issue with lovely deep green-gold color on the obverse and the reverse. I grade this coin at least EF45 if not finer but there is a small, old reverse scrape below the right foot of the A in STATES that can be seen with careful examination. The mintage for this issue was 12,148 but the survival rate is low and of the few hundred that exist, only a handful display the originality that this coin has in spades. The PCGS and NGC population figures for the 1850-D do not reflect the true rarity of the 1850-D quarter eagle with total originality; I doubt if more than a dozen comparable pieces are known.

CAC has approved just this one example in EF45 with eleven approved in grades higher than this.

From the RYK Collection.

1850-D $2.50 PCGS AU55 CAC

Due to the rarity of the issues from the middle part of this deacde, the 1850-D quarter eagle tends to be overlooked. However, it is a fairly hard coin to find in any grade with around 200 or so known from an original mintage of just 12,148. This nice, lustrous example is very solid for the grade with a good deal of luster present on both sides. The strike is typical for the date with a little bit of weakness seen at the centers but the borders are uncommonly sharp. The last PCGS AU55 example of the 1850-D to sell at auction was Bowers and Merena 6/07: 2534 which brought $4,198; since then, the last seven trades have all been for NGC coins.

CAC has approved three in this grade with five better.

1850-D $5.00 PCGS EF40

The 1850-D is among the scarcer half eagles from this mint both in terms of overall and high grade rarity. It is one of the single hardest issues to find with good eye appeal due to poor quality of strike and most survivors having been cleaned. This example is fully original with deep orange-gold and green colors that change to purple as the coin is tilted towards the light. The mintmark is not as sharp as on other issues of this era but it is fully legible. A far above-average example of this challenging issue.

1850-D $2.50 PCGS MS60 CAC

While not as widely regarded as its 1851-D and 1852-D quarter eagle counterparts, the 1850-D is a scarce issue in its own right, especially in higher grades. When I wrote the first edition of my Dahlonega book, I was aware of just one or two Uncirculated coins. Through the miracles of gradeflation, a few new Uncirculated coins have been "discovered" but I doubt if more than three to five Mint State coins are known with none finer than MS62. Although this coin is "only" an MS60, it has phenomenal eye appeal for the issue with lovely deep even honey-gold and greenish colors seen on the obverse and reverse. The strike is far above average for the issue with just minor weakness at the centers and, for the grade, there is less friction than one might expect. The best 1850-D quarter eagle that I am aware of is a PCGS MS62 that is ex Heritage 3/11: 4637 where it brought $27,600. Every other properly graded Uncirculated example of this date is off the market in a tightly-held collection, making this lovely example an important opportunity for the advanced Dahlonega gold collector.

1850-D $2.50 PCGS EF45 CAC

From the standpoint of remaining luster and skin, this piece grades at least a full AU50 but PCGS has been conservative on account of some weakness of strike on the reverse which is fairly common for this date. There is some very nice color visible on both the obverse and reverse with more of this honey-gold and russet hue seen on the obverse. Really a nice example for the date and grade and a good coin for the date collector who favors choice, original Dahlonega quarter eagles. CAC has approved just two in this grade with seven finer.

1850-D $2.50 NGC AU53 CAC

Beginning with this issue, the quarter eagles from the Dahlonega mint become rarer than the previous five years and much less well made. This original example has nice green-gold color with plenty of dirt in the recessed areas of the obverse and reverse. In higher grades, the 1850-D is almost never available and this pleasing piece is just about the best quality available to collectors.

1850-D $5.00 NGC AU55

The 1850-D ranks as one of the five scarcest Dahlonega half eagles in terms of its high grade rarity. It is a really hard sisue to find in the upper AU grades, especially with natural color and good eye appeal. This example is one of the few 1850-D half eagles that I have handled in a number of years that is characterized by deep, natural coloration. The obverse and reverse show pleasing even green-gold hues and there is a good deal of dirt visible in the protected areas of the reverse. As on nearly all known 1850-D half eagles, this piece shows a reasonably faint mintmark but it is not a "Weak D" coin as these have nearly no traces of the D.