1847-O $5.00 PCGS VF35

The 1847-O is the single rarest New Orleans half eagle and it is an issue that compares favorably to such Southern rarities as the 1842-C Small Date and 1842-D Large Date half eagles. There are probably no more than four to five dozen known in all grades with most in the VF-EF range. There have been just three VF35 examples sold at auction since 1999 with the range of prices widely going from $3,738 to $5,520. The last APR for a VF35 was Heritage 12/11: 4547 (an NGC coin) that sold for $4,025. This Choice VF example has an obverse that is essentially a full Extremely Fine in terms of its appearance while the reverse shows a bit more wear. The eye appeal is quite pleasing for the date and grade and I have seen inferior examples of this issue in EF40 holders. After many years of neglect, the true rarity of the 1847-O half eagle has become widely known but this issue remains a good value in all grades.

1847-O $5.00 NGC VF25 CAC

There are not many gold coins priced at less than $5,000 that can be described, without threat of contradiction, as "rarest date of the type from the New Orleans mint." The 1847-O is one of these and it is the single rarest Liberty Head half eagle from this mint. The present example is evenly worn and problem-free with nice light green-gold color and a complete lack of problems. The 1847-O is actually a rarer coin than issues like the 1861-C and 1861-D half eagle but it is still priced at a very affordable level. I recently listed a nice PCGS VF35 example of the 1847-O half eagle and it received multiple orders within hours of being posted on my website. If you missed that coin and are still in the market for a nice 1847-O, this may be the last shot you get for some time.

1847-O $5.00 PCGS VF35 CAC

The 1847-O is the single rarest half eagle from the New Orleans mint both in terms of overall and high grade rarity. It is a rarer coin than such as issues as the 1842-D Large Date and 1861-D half eagles, despite selling for a considerable discount to both of these. The present example is quite conservatively graded, in my opinion, and looks to be closer to an EF40 or even a bit better. It is among the few 1847-O half eagles that I have seen with original color and surfaces and about the only negative thing I can say about it is the fact that the mintmark is a bit weakly impressed on the right side. Both sides show nice green-gold color and the overall eye appeal is far above-average for the issue. An excellent opportunity to purchase a truly rare coin for less than the price of many far more common issues.

Ex Littlejohn Collection (Lot 605) where it sold for $4,025