1847-D $2.50 NGC AU55 CAC

Of the 200-250 known, only a dozen or so grade Uncirculated and most are in the EF40 to AU50 range. Nice AU55’s are regarded as scarce. This is a pleasing example with good color and surfaces. There is a considerable amount of luster on the obverse and reverse and the detail is above-average for the date and grade.

CAC has approved three in this grade with nine finer.

1847-D $2.50 PCGS EF45

If you pay attention to these things, you'll note that the availability of nice, original Dahlonega gold coins of any date or denomination has really dried up in the last year or two. I have a very hard time finding any coins that I like enough to offer to collectors. But it was never easy finding coins like this 1847-D quarter eagle. I have noted in the past that this issue comes with good color more than any other quarter eagle from this mint and this specific example is choice and original with pleasing medium green-gold color. The surfaces are choice and show even wear with plenty of dirt in the recesses attesting to its originality. If you have been looking for a nice, affordable Dahlonega quarter eagle, this piece would be hard to better at less than $3,000.

1847-D $2.50 NGC AU55 CAC

Very lustrous and with enough "body" to grade AU58 but properly called an AU55 due to the presence of a reeding mark on the obverse along the nose as well as another on the reverse below the left wing. The 1847-D is among the more available Dahlonega quarter eagles in higher grades but it is not all that easy to locate with the amount of luster that this piece shows.

1847-D $2.50 PCGS AU58 CAC

If I were going to choose a date to employ as a Dahlonega quarter eagle type coin for a set it might well be the 1847-D. This date is among the very best made quarter eagles from this mint and it is a date that can be found with good color as well. The present example has a remarkable "hammered" strike with as much detail as you'd expect to see on a Philadelphia quarter eagle of this era. It shows medium even green-gold color with slight contrast on the relief details. There is no real wear noted, just a bit of friction. I just sold an NGC AU58+ example of this date for $5,000 and the only difference between that example and this is that the NGC coin had more intense color. CAC has approved nine 1847-D quarter eagles in this grade with none finer. The PCGS and NGC population figures for this date are both way inflated in AU58 and higher grades by resubmissions.

1847-D $2.50 NGC AU58+ CAC

Two dates in the Dahlonega quarter eagle series are well-known for having great color: the 1847-D and the 1849-D. I have owned about seven or eight of the former with really neat deep rich original hues and this example is the most recent addition to this illustrious list. The obverse and reverse show a blend of rich russet, green and bluish-gold hues with the obverse a bit more intense in shade than the reverse. The underlying surfaces are clean and frosty and this piece has no real wear, just the slightest amount of friction seen on the high spots. If you like your D mint gold well struck, then you'll love this coin: it is absolutely hammered with totally full details seen on the hair and feathers. NGC tends to be pretty sparing with the "plus" sign, especially on AU58 coins, and it was clear that they liked this piece as much as I do.

1847-D $2.50 PCGS AU53

This well struck example shows nice light green-gold clolor and has plenty of dirt encrusted in the protected areas of the obverse and reverse. The eye appeal is excellent for the date and grade and to the naked eye, this coin has the appearance of an AU55 to AU58. The 1847-D is among the more common quarter eagles from this mint, making it an ideal choice for the type collector seeking a single example.

1847-D $5.00 NGC AU58

The 1847-D is sort of a "secret date" as far as knowledgeable Dahlonega half eagle collectors go. It is generally lumped with such common issues as the 1849-D, 1852-D, 1853-D and 1854-D but it is many times scarcer, especially in higher grades. As with the quarter eagle of this date, when the 1847-D half eagle is found nice, it tends to have some of the nicest color of any Dahlonega half eagle. And this example has, in my opinion, especially nice color. The obverse and the reverse are both toned in lovely deep green-gold hues with fiery orange-gold highlights which become quite dramatic as the coin is tilted towards a light source. The strike is as sharp as one is likely to find on a Dahlonega gold coin of any date and the surfaces show an acceptable number of abrasions for the grade. One abrasion is worthy of mention: a small reeding mark (from contact with another coin) in the right obverse field near star eleven.

1847-D $2.50 NGC AU55

If I were looking for an affordable Dahlonega quarter eagle for type purposes, I'd want to own a coin like this 1847-D. It has pleasing natural green-gold color and tons of dirt encrusted in the protected areas that proclaim its originality. As is typical for this issue, the strike is very good with nearly full detail seen at the centers and the borders. The 1847-D is among the more available quarter eagles from this mint but it is scarcer than the 1843-D, 1844-D and 1845-D, making it very sensible for a type set.

1847-D $5.00 PCGS EF45 CAC

Deep reddish-gold hues are seen on the obverse and the reverse with the reverse the darker of the two sides. The underlying surfaces show some scattered marks that are consistent with the assigned grade. Well detailed, appealing and a perfect type coin for the collector seeking a single affordable example of a half eagle from the popular Dahlonega mint.