1845-D $2.50 NGC MS61

When I wrote the first edition of my book on Dahlonega gold coins back in the late 1980's, the 1845-D quarter eagle was virtually unknown in Uncirculated. Since that time, a few previously unrecorded Uncirculated pieces have turned up but this date remains very rare in Mint State with no more than five or six known. This fresh-to-the-market example has unusually good overall detail for the issue with just a touch of weakness seen at the curl above Liberty's ear. The surfaces are very lustrous and show nice russet and lime-gold hues with the reverse being deeper than the obverse. The only two significantly finer 1845-D quarter eagles that I am aware of are the Duke's Creek/Bass coin (graded MS63 by both PCGS and NGC) and Green Pond: 1021 (graded MS62 by PCGS). I think this date is very undervalued in high grades and this is only the second Uncirculated 1845-D that I have handled in close to a decade.

1845-D $5.00 NGC MS63

In recent years, the number of really high grade (MS63 and above) Dahlonega half eagles that have been available to collectors of this series have been minimal, to say the least. This paucity of coins means that there are many type collectors waiting for a high grade coin such for their set. This lovely 1845-D has exquisite deep green-gold color which is illuminated by rich underlying frost. The obverse has a texture that is actually a bit semi-prooflike while the reverse is more normal for the issue with swirls of deep frosty texture. The strike is very sharp for the issue and this coin has the naked-eye appearance of a Gem. There is a very faint obverse planchet impurity that begins at the rim outside of the third star and it runs into the throat area. Other than this, the surfaces are very clean. As a date, the 1845-D is among the more available half eagles from this mint but it is rare in Uncirculated with around a dozen known. The finest is a PCGS MS65 that is ex Bass II: 948 (at $57,500) and Norweb I: 817 (where it broguht an amazing $66,000 in 1987!). There are a few other really nice pieces including the Duke's Creek coin, the Milas coin and the Green Pond coin, all of which grade MS63 to MS64. The present example is undoubtedly in the Condition Census for the issue and I think it is the single best Dahlonega half eagle of any date currently available to collectors.

1845-D $5.00 NGC AU58 CAC

A very attractive slider example with pleasing even medium reddish-gold colors on the obverse and the reverse. This tends to be a well-made issue and this coin is no exception with a very strong strike at the centers and borders. The surfaces are clean with just a few marks in back of the neck visible to the naked eye and the amount of actual wear is minimal. The 1845-D is one of the more available Dahlonega half eagles but choice, original AU58 pieces such as the present example are very scarce and I think they are good value when compared to the common dates from the 1852-1854 era. In Uncirculated, this date sells for $10,000 and up which makes a nice AU58 a very good value, in my opinion. This is a great type coin for the collector who would like to own a single choice Dahlonega half eagle.

1845-D $2.50 NGC EF40 CAC

Of the three primary denominations struck at the Dahlonega mint, the quarter eagle is probably the most difficult to locate in choice, original Extremely Fine. Despite how hard it is to find such coins, these pieces are not out of reach for most collectors and I think they are amongst the best values in the rare date gold arena. This pleasing, original EF 1845-D quarter eagle has nice medium to deep green-gold color and plenty of residual dirt in the crevesses of the obverse and reverse. There is some weakness at the central obverse due to strike and a few old nicks and marks on the obverse that are well-hidden by the natural toning. A perefect Dahlonega quarter eagle for the first time buyer who is ready to take the plunge.