1813 $5.00 PCGS MS64

BD-1, Rarity-2. The 1813 is the single most available date of the Capped Head Left large planchet half eagle type that was produced from 1813 through 1829. But "common" is a relative word and the 1813 is still a hard coin to locate with fewer than 1,000 extent in all grades. As one might expect, this issue becomes rarer as the grading scale is ascended and in MS64 it is a truly scarce coin with Gems being very rare to extremely rare. This specific coin is among the best 1813 half eagles that have come onto the market in many years. It has superb deep green-gold and yellowish colors atop very clean and very frosty surfaces. If you are familar with this issue you know that strike can be a problem and this piece is nicely detailed with just the slightest amount of weakness on the rims as typically seen. One ultra-fine obverse hairline narrowly removes this coin from the Gem level and a $100,000+ price tag. The last APR for an MS64 is Heritage 10/11: 4875 (graded by NGC) that sold for $46,000 while the last MS65 is Heritage 8/11: 7539 (also graded by NGC) that sold for a reasonable $92,000. If you are a collector who is putting together a meaningful type set of early gold and you are lookig for a high quality example of this important issue, give this 1813 half eagle some serious consideration.

1813 $5.00 PCGS MS63 CAC

BD-2. R-4. The Capped Head Left, Large Diameter type, struck from 1813 through 1829, contains some of the rarest gold issues ever produced by the United States mint. Only the 1813 is somewhat readily available in the lower Uncirculated grades and this makes it the ideal date for use in a type set of U.S. gold. This example is original and choice for the grade with very nice intense lemon-gold color on both sides. The strike is typical for the date with some softness on the border beads but good overall detail at the centers. There is some light marking in the obverse and reverse fields that limits the grade but the freshness and eye appeal of this coin make it as nice a Fat Head half eagle as you are likely to find in this grade and price range. The next grade up (in a PCGS holder and with a CAC sticker) will cost you over $55,000 if you can even find one!

CAC has given approval to ten examples in this grade and seven higher than this.