DWN To Sell the Northwest Collection of U.S. Gold Coinage

Douglas Winter Numismatics (DWN) is beginning 2010 with the announcement that it has acquired a small but impressive group of 19th century branch mint US gold coinage known as the Northwest Collection. This collection is being added to the DWN website (www.raregoldcoins.com) and the complete listing of coins, along with images, is anticipated by Monday January 4th, 2010. I anticipate that at least half of the coins will be listed and described (without images) by the middle of Saturday January 2nd. The Northwest Collection has just a single non-gold coin but its a desirable one: an 1877 Cent graded MS64 RB by PCGS.

A group of New Orleans gold dollars are led by a lovely PCGS MS62 example of the popular 1855-O. This is a one-year type that features the Type Two design.

There are a number of outstanding quarter eagles in the collection. Included in the group are PCGS MS62 examples of the 1840-O, 1850-D and 1855-C (the latter with CAC verification). Also featured is a PCGS MS63 1847-O and a PCGS graded AU53 example of the very rare and popular 1845-O.

The sole Three Dollar gold piece in the collection is a well struck, naturally toned 1854-O graded AU55 by PCGS.

The strength of the collection is a marvelous run of half eagles. These include a PCGS MS63 1841-D Small Mintmark, an NGC AU58 1842-O, a PCGS MS61 1845-O, an 1847-O in PCGS AU53, a stunning NGC MS64 1852-C with CAC verification and a high end 1858-C graded MS62 by PCGS.

Leading the eagles are an NGC EF45 example of the very rare 1841-O. Other nice New Orleans No Motto pieces are included as well.

The double eagles are few in number but include an 1855 in PCGS MS61.

All of the coins in the collection will be available for sale at my FUN table (520 and 522) but collectors will have first shot at them if they visit my website early and often between now and when I leave for the show next week.

For more information on coins in the Northwest Collection, please feel free to contact me via email at dwn@ont.com or you can call me at (214) 675-9897.