Big News for New Orleans Gold Collectors

If you collect New Orleans mint gold coinage, it’s likely that you refer to my book “Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint, 1839-1909.” It’s hard to believe this but my second edition is now almost a decade old, having been published in 2006. While a lot of the information in the book is still useful, a lot is outdated. I’ve decided to work on an all-new third edition and hope to have it ready by the summer of 2016. Unlike my last book which I released strictly online, I am thinking that the newest edition of the New Orleans book will exist both as a book and as an online resource.

If you collect New Orleans gold I can use your assistance. If you own any finest known/highest graded coins, or any high-grade examples of very rare dates, let me know. I will respect your wishes if you want to remain anonymous.

I’d also love any input you’d care to share about rarity, grade distribution, varieties (admittedly my weakest area), hoards, die characteristics, and more.

Are you an English major with coin knowledge? I can use proofreaders (can’t we all….) willing to take a spin through the manuscript.

Are you a venerable, Q. David Bowers-esque larger-than-life figure who wants to write an introduction/foreword? Have at it!

Are you a dealer who has sold dozens of coins as a result of my two previous New Orleans books? Support this project by placing orders for 50 or 100 books as soon as pre-publication sales are announced.

Curious as to how far I’ve gotten?

Well, sadly I’m only finished with gold dollars so far, and with ANA coming up in a few weeks, I don’t expect to have much free time. The good news is that I’ve taken copious notes over the last decade (my Master Copy of the second edition is going to make a great collectible someday…) and I’m not exactly starting from scratch.

If you’ve read this far, you are likely to have questions and I would be able to answer them for you; email me at