1890-CC $20.00 NGC AU58 CAC

If you were going to select an issue that would make the best Type Three type coin from the CC mint, the 1890-CC would be a great candidate. It isn't scarce but it isn't the most common date either. It tends to be better made than other dates from this era and it has nice color on the few occasions it is found with natural unadulterated surfaces. This lustrous slider is semi-reflective with pleasing rich orange-gold color that is contrasted by deeper highlights. There are a few scrapes seen on the fields and the neck of Liberty but the amount of actual wear is very slight. An MS61 example of this date that is CAC-quality will cost you at least $10,000-11,000 and I'd rather save the amount you'd spend on this AU58 and use it to buy another coin as well.

CAC has approved fourteen examples in AU58 with a dozen higher than this.