1878-CC $20.00 NGC AU53

Along with the 1879-CC, this is one of the harder CC double eagles to find in any grade and it becomes nearly impossible to locate in AU58 and above. This example has beautiful deep natural orange-gold and greenish color which is "right" for the issue; most 1878-CC double eagles have been dipped and are bright as a result. A raised die scratch on the neck of Liberty is diagnostic and should not be construed as damage; a few small grease stains on the face of Liberty are mint-made as well. Only one example of this date in AU53 has been sold at auction since late 2009 (Heritage 3/12: 4284 at $11,500) and there are auction records of over $10,000 for AU53's dating back to June 2008. An important coin for the CC double eagle specialist.