1876-S $2.50 PCGS MS61

With the exception of the high mintage double eagle, all of the 1876-dated gold coinage from the San Francisco mint was produced in small numbers and is scarce. The 1876-S quarter eagle has a mintage of just 5,000 (exactly the same as the 1876-S eagle) but it is more available in high grades and overall than the rare, underrated half eagle and eagle from this year. This very lustrous example is unquestionably new with very bold luster and good overall detail. The raised bar on the throat of Liberty is diagnostic to the issue; some coppery toning at the central reverse is natural and, in my opinion, attractive. I feel that this coin could grade MS62 if resubmitted but with the price difference between an MS61 and MS62 so minimal, I've decided to leave this option to the new owner. Great value at just a spot over three thousand dollars and a lovely little coin.