1876-CC $10.00 NGC AU53

In 1876-CC, the Carson City mint produced a total of 4,696 eagles. The survival rate for this issue is a bit higher than it is for the 1875-CC or 1877-CC eagles but there are still well under 100 known in all grades and none of these are higher than AU58. This is a pleasing AU53 example with nice natural reddish and light orange-gold color. The strike is above-average for the issue with less weakness than usual at the centers and uncommonly good detail on the neck of the eagle. There are a few small marks seen in the fields but none are deep or out of keeping with the assigned grade. Since 2000, there have been fourteen APR's for examples of this date graded AU53. These sales range from a low of $10,925 (back in 2000) to a high of $20,125. With AU58's basically unavailable and most AU55's showing a comparable appearance to this piece, I think the present example is perfect for the advanced collector who wants to own an above-average 1876-CC eagle for less than $20,000