1875-S $5.00 NGC EF45+

While certainly not in the same league as the legendary Philadelphia half eagle of this year, the 1875-S is a very scarce issue in its own right. Only 9,000 were struck and it is likely that only 70-80 pieces are known. That makes the 1875-S a scarcer issue than the 1875-CC half eagle as well as a number of better known and higher priced half eagles of this era. Light orange-gold color is contrasted by some flashes of reddish-gold at the borders and within the protected areas. A good deal of luster is present but this coin is kept at the EF45 level by the presence of numerous small ticks in the fields. This piece is very similar in overall quality to Heritage 1/10: 3987 (graded EF45 by PCGS) that sold for $2,530. At less than $3,000 this seems like good value.