1875 $20.00 NGC MS62+ CAC

If you collect U.S. gold coins by type, you probably are aware that the Type Two double eagle is an issue that gets noticeably rarer (and more expensive) as you go up the grading scale. An MS63 will cost you $8,000 or so and I just saw a nice PCGS MS64 trade between dealers at the Denver ANA show in the mid-$30's. This makes a nice MS62+ a great value and the perfect Type Two type coin for the collector on a budget. This piece has superb deep rich orange-gold color and there are just a few too many tiny scuffs in the left obverse to call it a full MS63 (but, boy, is it close...). NGC has graded just eleven 1875 double eagles in MS62+ with no plus grades higher. Coins like this make a lot of sense to me and I doubt if all but a handful of ultra-savvy collectors could tell the difference between this MS62+ and and MS63 if the labels in the slab were covered.

Only one 1875 double eagle has been approved by CAC that grades higher than MS62+.