1867 $5.00 NGC PR63 CAM

50 struck; around a dozen or so are known today. As with all proofs of this year the comparably "high" mintage of 50 is misleading as it is clear that a number went to the melting pot after going unsold. To date, NGC has graded just six Proof 1867 half egales while PCGS has graded eight; this figure, of course, includes regrades, crossovers, etc. This example is among the few affordable Proof half eagles of this era that is available. It has fully reflective surfaces that show no signs of cleaning but there are a few contact marks in the obverse fields; the reverse is clean and choice. There hasn't been a Proof of this date/denomination sold at auction since December 2009 and there are just eleven auction records since 2000. A Gem Proof example of this issue would cost at least three times the asking price of this piece if it were even available. An important piece of Proof gold for the savvy specialist.