1862 $10.00 NGC MS60

In the "new" coin market of 2012, Liberty Head eagles have become among the most popular series with rarity-loving collectors. And formerly overlooked dates like the 1862 have grown greatly in stature. The 1862 eagle is scarce in any grade with probably less than 100 known from the original mintage of 10,960. When available, it tends to come in the EF40 to AU50 range and it is extremely scarce in AU55 to AU58. In Uncirculated, this date is a major rarity with just three known to me: the present example, a second NGC MS60 (ex Heritage 2003 ANA: 10437) and an NGC MS63 from the S.S. Republic that is off the market in the finest collection of Liberty Head eagles. The example I offer here is nearly fully lustrous and unquestionably free of wear with rich rose and yellow-gold color. As is befitting an MS60 Civil War gold coin, this piece does have some dense marks but these are mostly confined to the fields and they are shallow and well-dispersed. This is an extremely important coin for the collector of Liberty Head eagles or rare, high grade Civil War coinage and it represents what may be the only chance you have in many, many years to obtain an Uncirculated example of an 1862 eagle.