1861-S $20.00 NGC AU58

You can disregard the NGC population of this date. In AU58 it is quite scarce and it is a really tough coin in Uncirculated that is nearly impossible to find above MS60 to MS61. This fresh example has a good deal of luster, minimal marks and nice medium orange-gold color. It is cleaner than usual and quite well detailed with better sharpness at the centers than what is normally seen for the date. A small grease stain at star two on the obverse is as made and shows that this piece has not been dipped. If available, an MS61 1861-S double eagle would cost in excess of $15,000 and it probably would not have much more eye appeal than this "slider." Since the beginning of 2009, only three AU58 1861-S double eagles have appeared at auction and I have had only three in inventory in close to two years.