1858 $20.00 SS Republic NGC MS62

As a rule I am not a huge fan of shipwreck gold coins but this piece is exceptional, both from the standpoint of appearance and rarity. The surfaces of this piece showe virtually no signs of exposure to seawater and are bright with a great degree of vibrancy. The "meat" on this coin suggests an MS63 grade but there are just a few too many scuffs in the obverse fields. For the sake of identification, there is a small barely noticeable grease stain on the obverse hanging off the lowest curls. This is one of just two MS62 1858 double eagles salvaged from the S.S. Republic; the other, sold as Bowers and Merena 4/05: 2015, brought $21,275 at a time when important high grade shipwreck coins were not as avidly collected as they are today. If you collect shipwreck double eagles or are looking for an important Condition Census example of this conditionally scarcer date, consider adding this impressive 1858 to your holdings.

This is one of just two 1858 double eagles graded MS62 found on the S.S. Republic. Noe were graded higher than this.