1855-O $20.00 NGC EF45 CAC

Pittman Collection Pedigree. The 1855-O is the third rarest New Orleans double eagle, after the 1854-O and the 1856-O. Given that nice examples of either of these dates is a $200,000++ expenditure, for most collectors the 1855-O is the most important double eagle from this mint that they will purchase. The 1855-O is a nearly impossible issue to find with original color and nice surfaces and this coin is far above-average in both regards. It is very well detailed and it has not been scrubbed or dipped as shown by its warm greenish-gold patina. Most amazingly, it shows only a few very light abrasions in the fields. This example is immediately recognizable by a small natural planchet flaw on the obverse rim below the 55 in the date. This actually adds character to the appearance, in my opinion, and in no way detracts. While not identified on the holder by NGC, this is clearly the Pittman coin and it is one of the last major double eagles that he acquired in his storied collecting career. The last EF45 to sell was Heritage 7/11: 4993 (graded by PCGS) that realized $34,500. That coin had numerous abrasions in the fields and it was not accorded a sticker by CAC. In fact, only three 1855-O double eagles in EF45 have been approved by CAC and none above this. A very important coin for the Type One collector and a piece that combines beauty, rarity and numismatic history in one neat package.

Ex Pittman: 1131, Merkin 10/66: 374