1853/2 $10.00 NGC AU53 CAC

There is only one (count them: one) legitimate overdate in all the Liberty Head eagle series: the 1853/2. This is an unquestionable overdate with evidence of the 2 clearly in the lower loop of the 3. I think this variety is clearly underrated and this surprises me, given the surge in popularity of this series. This coin is very choice for the grade with the appearance of an AU55. Unlike most 1853/2 eagles, it lacks serious marks and the surfaces exhibit a good deal of luster below light green-gold color. The last APR for an NGC AU53 is Heritage 3/12: 4106 but this coin was non-CAC and not nearly as choice as the current example. Terrific value for the collector who likes unusual coins.

CAC has approved three in this grade with five finer.