1851-D $1.00 NGC AU58

As a date, the 1851-D is the second most available Type One dollar from this mint but it is at least two to three times more scarce than the 1849-D. There were only 9,982 produced and this issue tended to see rather heavy circulation with examples usually in the EF40 to AU50 range. Choice AU 1851-D dollars are scarce and examples with natural color and surfaces are quite rare. This piece has some of the most attractive color that I can recall having seen on an 1851-D dollar with both the obverse and reverse showing very deep rich green-gold hues with contrasting shades of russet in the fields. The strike is sharp for the issue with fewer of the usual clashmarks and strong detail seen on the hair, date and mintmark. Below the color, there appears to be a considerable amount of luster and there seems to be no real wear, just a touch of friction on the high spots. This is a superb coin which deserves a strong premium on account of its coloration and it would make a great addition to a Dahlonega set that emphasized eye appeal.