1845-O $5.00 NGC AU55

Struck in light green-gold and a boldly impressed, minimally worn example with lots of "meat" left on the surfaces. There are a few marks seen on the surfaces but none are detracting or out of keeping with the assigned grade. I have long felt that this was an undervalued date in nearly any grade and I think that AU55 is a "sweet spot" for the issue. I recently sold an EF 45 example of the 1845-O for $1,650 and it seems to me that a nice AU55 at just a little bit more than double that amount makes no sense from a value stand point. In AU55, the far more common 1845-D half eagle trades for more than the 1845-O and I'm not sure that this makes sense from a value standpoint either. Have you been looking for a nice No Motto half eagle from this mint? Perhaps this coin is the right one for you!