1838-D $5.00 PCGS EF40

I can't think of a Dahlonega issue that is more popular than the 1838-D half eagle. It is the first coin of this denomination made at this mint and it is a one-year type with the popular Classic Head design and the presence of the mintmark on the obverse. It is not a major rarity but it is an issue that appears on nearly every Dahlonega specialists' want list; as well as on many non-D mint collectors as well. This moderately worn example is given above-average eye appeal by its rich reddish gold color that outlines the devices on the obverse and reverse. As is typical for the issue, there are some scattered marks in the fields. The originality of this piece is further demonstrated by the presence of dirt in the protected areas of the obverse. It has been quite a while since I have had an affordable, middle grade example of the 1838-D half eagle in stock and I expect this coin to sell quickly.