1836 Block 8 $2.50 NGC MS63

Block 8 variety. As a date, the 1836 is much scarcer in high grades than the 1834 but it doesn't sell for the premium it deserves. That means the savvy collector can employ a condition rarity such as this 1836 Block 8 as his type coin when filling in the Classic Head quarter eagle series. As an example of this logic, look at the NGC population which shows just fifteen in this grade and three better for the 1836 Block 8 versus thirty-six with fifty-nine better for the 1834. This is, in addition, one of the prettier MS63 Classic Head quarter eagles of any date that I've seen in some time with lovely dusky orange-gold color with subtle underpinnings of green over clean, frosty surfaces. The strike is atypical for the issue with nearly no weakness at the centers and the obverse is very close to grading MS64 on its own with a lack of the scuffs generally found on Classic Head coins of any denomination. I recently handled the similarly-graded Heritage 4/12: 6362 coin and I think the present example is more choice.