1807 Bust Left $5.00 PCGS MS62

BD-8, R-2. The new Bust Left variety was introduced in 1807 and continued until it was replaced in 1813. None of the issues made during this era are really rare except in higher grades and nice MS62 examples are, in my opinion, amongst the best values of this type. Properly graded MS62's are free of wear and really new but not priced out of the range of many early gold collectors. This attractive, frosty example shows the rich green-gold color that is typical to the issue but which is not seen on coins that have been processed. It is well struck and free of planchet issues; a few minor ticks in the fields keep it firmly within the MS62 level but it is far nicer than usual for the grade. An MS63 example of this date will cost you close to $10,000 more than an MS62 and I'm not really certain that, in most cases, this premium is justified.