1807 $2.50 NGC AU55

BD-1, R-3. Of the three denomination of early gold, the quarter eagle is the single hardest to locate with good eye appeal. When available, early quarter eagles tend to have been poorly struck and are often found with either mint-made defects or bright, liberally abraded surfaces. The present example is very choice for the grade with natural deep green-gold color on the obverse and reverse that strongly suggests that no dipping or "improvements" have befallen the surfaces. As is common for this date, the centers are not fully detailed and there are some mint-made vertical adjustment marks on the portrait that are well-concealed by the depth of the color. The 1807 is by far the most available date of this type with an original mintage of 6,812; nearly one-third the total of the 19,487 quarter eagles made between 1796 and 1807. As a result, it is the perfect date for the type collector as it carries no rarity premium. The last AU55 1807 quarter eagles to appear at auction, between April 2009 and August 2010, sold for $20,700, $20,700 and $21,850, respectively.