1803/2 $5.00 NGC EF40

BD-4, Rarity-4. At the recent CSNS show I made it a point to search high and low for nice quality early gold in EF and AU grades. I would have bought every single piece that was decent and priced at a sensible level. I bought exactly two early half eagles: this coin and an 1808 in AU53 which I sold within three minutes of placing it in my display case. This 1803/2 is a late die state with the cracks joing the base of the 803 very bold. It is deeply toned in purplish-gold hues on the obverse; the reverse is more of a green-gold at the center with rich reds and purples around the border. The detail on the obverse is a touch weak for the grade but this is mostly attributable to the state of the dies; the reverse is well detailed and choice.