1799 Large Reverse Stars $5.00 NGC MS61

Large Reverse Stars. BD-8, Rarity-6. Dannreuther estimates that just 22 to 30 are known. Extremely late die state with extensive reverse cracks that are more developed than those described by Bass. This is both an interesting and very rare early half eagle. The obverse is a light green-gold and shows some roughness in the planchet as made; the reverse is more vibrant and yellow-gold in hue. As mentioned, the obverse fields have some roughness (reminiscent of a 1796 eagle) in the planchet and there is a shallow void as made on the face; the reverse is superb and would grade MS63 or better on its own. The 1799 Large Stars is a rare coin in all grades with probably fewer than 75-85 known. In higher grades, it is very rare and it is a solid R-7 in Uncirculated. Only three auction records exist for MS61's since 1979 and all are NGC coins; the latest is Heritage 9/08: 3577 at a strong $40,250. If you are a serious collector of early U.S. gold, you are aware of the significance of this offering.