SOLD – $2.50 – 1862-S PCGS VF35 CAC

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1862-S PCGS VF35 CAC


Serial Number 7798.35/26066232

PCGS Lookup Number 7798

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The 1862-S is the rarest collectible quarter eagle from this mint after the 1854-S. Of the 8,000 struck, well under 100 are known today and the typical piece grades in the VF-EF range. It is the key date in the San Francisco Civil War quarter eagle set and it is very hard to find in collector grades with good eye appeal.

This choice, original coin shows nice deep green-gold color with even wear and no marks of note. The obverse is very close to being fully EF while the reverse has a bit too much wear on the wings to grade as such.

The only PCGS VF35 to sell at auction since in the past decade is this coin, which last brought $1,998 in a 2012 Heritage sale (see below) before it was CAC approved.

A great value at current levels and a really nice little coin!

CAC has approved this one coin in VF35 with only three finer.

Ex Heritage 8/12: 4492.