SOLD – $2.50 – 1862-S PCGS VF35

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1862-S PCGS VF35


Serial Number 26066232

PCGS Lookup Number 7798

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The 1862-S is the second rarest quarter eagle produced at the San Francisco mint, trailing only the exceedingly rare 1854-S. There were only 8,000 quarter eagles made in San Francisco in 1862 and this is a very tough issue in all grades with around 65-75 known in total.

While showing fairly extensive wear, this piece has a very pleasing and original appearance with nice even color and clean surfaces. A good deal of dirt can be seen in the recessed areas of the obverse and the reverse.

For many years, coins like this were totally overlooked. But as collectors of branch mint gold become more sophisticated, they are becoming attracted to coins with true fundamental rarity such as the 1862-S quarter eagle. At its current price level, I feel that it is still extremely undervalued.

Ex Heritage 8/12: 4492 where it sold for $1,998.